Domaine Jolly Ferriol

Terroir and Vinification

In the Roussillon, in the North of Western Pyrénées, by the Corbières mountains...

Our organic grapes are growing on soils (terroir) with multiple characteristics: during heavy rainfall, the schisty marl/stony clay soils (marnes schisteuses et argilo-caillouteux) gorge themselves with water; parcels of stone-covered land warm the earth when heated by the sun; the black schisty marl soils (marnes schisteuses) capture the heat, giving various fruit a helping hand to ripen quickly.

Our approach is in line with respect for the environment, respect for the product and respect for the client. It imposes small yields and perfect hygiene by replacing chemical procedures with physical ones, including mastery of cooling techniques, steam-cleaning. The harvest is done by hand.

From the vines to the cave, the work is paced by the moon calendar.